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Katarina Guide Overview

In this premium Katarina guide, you will shortly find out how to use your mechanics and take the best decisions, to the greatest possible extent.

Katarina is certainly amongst the greatest League of Legends Champions!

Right now there isn’t a greater risk and reward champion in the entire game.

Extremely few champions can carry the entire team on their back totally on their own, and Katarina is one of these few champions.

Katarina is really a champion which you can get to the first rank on any server, whenever you want, in virtually any meta!

So if you are searching for a champion to master, Katarina is the most reliable option.

If you love adrenaline and appreciate rewarding victories – this certainly is for you!

The reason why this guide is special

  • This guide was created by a 5 times challenger player since 3rd season, in EUW.
  • With over 4000 Katarina games since season 2 and until present, this is probably one of the most played Katarina ever.
  • You will learn how to carry wth Katarina from Bronze to Challenger and the way to adapt in every single elo without having to make things difficult.
  • This guide comes with complete game play commentary / evaluation, combo videos as well as situational actions.
  • You will discover how to use the maximum of your potential as a carry player, not just as Katarina.
  • Most efficient and sophisticated Katarina guide, where everything is covered from bottom to top!


  • Each of our League of Legends Guides are actually created solely by Challenger and Master players!
  • The players who wrote these guides are the best in the world with their specific champions!
  • You can expect our guides to be updated after each significant change.
  • Every single guide is actually customized to be easily readable. So you won’t have any problem in understand them.
  • Begin understanding the game effectively and master it right away!


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