Arcade Riven

Arcade Riven

Riven as an 8-bit swordswoman.
Skin Score: 1350
Price: 1350 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Riven
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, recall and death.
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The first impression that Arcade Riven gives is that of a modern, toy squire.

The clothes seem contemporary as well as her equipment but the latter also appears to be made of plastic.

It can even be said that the actual theme is cosplaying with a few references to classic arcade games.

From the helmet and sword there is a weak allusion to a knight; perhaps with Ghosts ‘n Goblins in mind.

In general, the look feels plain: it lacks harmony and a unified design as it consists mostly of casual clothes; toy gear apart.

Nevertheless, there’s a fitting sense of child play in it that isn’t as vibrant as it should be but that is welcome.
The skin gets interesting once the pixellated effects and chiptunes appear and firmly state the 8-bit nostalgia.

While there’s nothing revolutionary the particles are well done and the ‘HIT!’ messages added to Broken Wings help define the personality of the skin; just as the ‘K.O.’ message does for her death.

The sounds all share a retro style which effectively support the particles but that never stand out.
All things considered, for fans of 8-bit skins Arcade Riven has a lot to offer.

It doesn’t do much beyond the expected but remains appealing and has some moments of brilliance; like the recall.

Fans of the Exile will find it an interesting, even if expensive, detour from her usual swordswoman trend.

Arcade Riven


  • The setting is a digital dome surrounded by emptiness.
  • The plates reflect light in different hues of blue but that’s all there is.
  • It’s a serviceable background but also weak in context.
  • In the foreground, Riven and Blitzcrank stand between fighting and posing as they don’t really face or even look at each other. Riven’s portrayal is, in general terms, rather good.
  • It’s moderately easy to get a good idea of her look; even if her left arm doesn’t help and her right one is hidden behind her.
  • The rest is well depicted: colourful and with nice lighting yet the saturated colours give the depiction a solid, heavy feel that doesn’t match the digital angle.
  • Regardless, it’s possible to appreciate many details of her new look and the stance is eye-catching. Conversely, Blitzcrank isn’t very clearly portrayed.
  • Perhaps due to his bulky frame and the close perspective it’s difficult to appreciate the differences with his classic style besides the new face, pincer and pixellated chest screen.
  • The colours are also quite muddy and only the electricity adds some life to the portrayal.
  • His lower body is also missing which, in this particular case, is rather relevant.
  • There are details to notice, marks, dents and such, the design of the pincer is finely shown yet detail appears only in specific areas. All in all, this is a piece where there isn’t enough room for both champions.
  • Skins at this high price imply that the champion’s depiction has to be the centre of attention as well as being representative of their personality.
  • In this case, it seems like both champions are posing one in front of the other.
  • The problem may be in the very conception of the piece as not only there’s practically no interaction between them but their portrayals are simplistic.
  • This result in a splash art that works at showing Riven and Blitzcrank’s new looks but that, overall, disappoints.