Battle Bunny Riven

Battle Bunny Riven

Riven costumed similar to a Playboy Bunny.
Skin Score: 975
Price: 975 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Riven
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: New orange particles for Broken Wings, Ki Burst, Valor, Blade of the Exile and Wind Slash.
Animations: New bunny tail wiggle animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Battle Bunny Riven is a skin that will surely have strong adopters and detractors.

The skin has a very specific goal: turn Riven into a hopping, carrot-sword wielding, Playboy Bunny.

It definitely succeeds at that endeavour; with the help of suitable orange particles for her abilities; except Runic Blade.

However, not everybody will find the concept suitable for a fantasy game or even the execution to their liking.

The skin is well modelled but for some reason it fails to rise above the sum of its parts.

Besides, while it’s undoubtedly true that there are many skins that are more revealing than a Playboy Bunny suit, even Classic skins, the Playboy connotation won’t appeal to all players alike.

Therefore, it’s a good skin if you like Riven to hop around the battlefield dressed as a bunny girl.

Nevertheless, it won’t win you over if you aren’t captivated by a Playboy Bunny because there’s nothing else on offer.

Battle Bunny Riven


  • Battle Bunny Riven is based on the community-suggested "Bunny Girl Riven" from this community thread and artworks, which themselves were based on Playboy bunnies.
  • It was first featured as part of Riot's Urf Day/April Fools' Day celebrations. It was viewable in Riven's in-game profile for that day, labeled 'Unavailable'. The game was later patched to remove it from view.
  • In the Splash Art, Urgot, Talon Vladimir, Swain, and Zac can be seen in the background.
  • The Splash Art contains 2 easter eggs, Zac Swain's Tyrant skin.


  • There is no doubt that Riven is a versatile woman.
  • Wreaking havok in a bar full of bunnies is further proof of that; though the Noxians present at the party may not be very happy.
  • The background is full of details and complexities, not only adding additional situations but also cameos.
  • Riven is wonderfully drawn with nice colouring, reflections and lighting due to the multiple lights in the bar.
  • The piece also hints at Riven going undercover to a Noxian bunny bar and facing how things get out of hand for her.
  • In summary, while it may seem repetitive it’s another excellent splash art and yet another of League of Legends’ best.