Crimson Elite Riven

Crimson Elite Riven

Riven wearing the Noxian Crimson Elite uniform.
Skin Score: 520
Price: 520 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Riven
Model: New model for Riven and her sword: broken and re-forged.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Crimson Elite Riven is a skin based on the eponymous Noxian corps.

The uniform seems tailored for freedom of movement which also helps to portray Riven’s lean silhouette.

In spite of that, the uniform isn’t revealing and provides an aggressive look heavily reflected in the design of both helmet and sword; though the rest of the suit successfully follows the trend.

Ultimately, Crimson Elite Riven displays a dark assertive look for Riven that suits her very well.

Considering that the skin references her past, has a good deal of appeal and a rather low price it’s a fantastic choice for Riven fans; certainly recommended.

Crimson Elite Riven


  • Riven is the second and last champion to receive a Crimson Elite skin, the first being Talon. Crimson Elite was the counter to the Demacian Commando skins and has since been abandoned.
  • Riven was the second champion to have a special skin marking the end of Season without having to obtain a rank of Gold or higher to obtain, the first being Kayle.
  • She shares this theme with Talon.


  • This splash art goes straight to the point: Riven stands defiant over vanquished enemies challenging a new opponent.
  • The dark slightly battered background opposes Riven clean look; even her opponents don’t seem as well prepared for battle as her.
  • Riven is very nicely drawn with nice reflections on her helmet, right arm and suit.
  • Overall, the splash art not only nicely depicts Riven’s look but it also tells a story of her time in the Crimson Elite.
  • In conclusion, a wonderful splash art and another of League of Legends’ best.