Firefang Warwick

Firefang Warwick

Warwick resembling a fire wolf-demon.
Skin Score: 975
Price: 975 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Warwick
Model: Major model changes for Warwick.
Particles: New flame particles for Warwick’s body and Hungering Strike.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Firefang Warwick is a skin that gives a great first impression that is able to hide most of its flaws.

The first noticeable thing is the flames over Warwick’s body.

They are a pleasant addition that masks the fact that Warwick’s body is unchanged from the waist down, except for textures, and that his chest is quite strange: his pectoral muscles seem flattened and extended in an unnatural way by the armour.

At least the skin furthers the fire theme with a new lava-like effect for Hungering Strike.

Overall, the flaws are not visible enough to disvalue the skin, especially considering the new particles.

Still, the whole execution isn’t that exciting anyway: it’s red Warwick wearing different armour.

Consequently, if you can ignore the flaws, Firefang Warwick is a nice looking skin with an adequate classic theme.

Firefang Warwick


  • Firefang Warwick is a possible reference to the mythical creature Ifrit, which is said to be a fire demon that takes the shape of a giant wolf-like creature.


  • As a splash art Firefang Warwick produces mixed results.
  • The background is almost non-existent, some rocks seem to surround Warwick but for the most part it’s just Warwick and the fire.
  • Fortunately, Warwick and the flames cover most of the piece.
  • Warwick depiction is good: he’s well drawn and the colours are fine.
  • However the fur looks too solid, the armour doesn’t reflect much light, considering the amount of fire around, and the flames look thready and unsubstantial.
  • Consequently, this piece puts forth an attractive fire concept that isn’t effectively executed and feels like a letdown.