Grey Warwick

Grey Warwick

Warwick with grey fur.
Skin Score: 45500
Price: Not Applicable
Category: Exclusive (Refer a Friend reward)
Champion: Warwick
Model: New textures for Warwick.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Grey Warwick is an alright re-texture that is a definite change from the classic look yet not a particularly engaging one.

The armour is painted in plain blue and the fur is coloured in two tones: grey and red; which is actually nice.

Regardless, as a whole Grey Warwick looks rather dull because of the subdued and drab colours.

In conclusion, Grey Warwick is a modest skin that isn’t worth any kind of effort to get yet it’s not so horrible that it’s unusable.

Grey Warwick


  • Grey Warwick can only be obtained after getting 3 referrals.


  • The background is simple but provides a good setting: a full Moon over the woods.
  • Warwick appears from a side while slashing the air; which looks more like an empty threat rather than a cool move.
  • The fur is well done in some places and flat in others.
  • Besides, the clothes’ decorations are vastly exaggerated from the look in-game; not even the colours match.
  • If we add that most of the picture is a diffuse and empty background instead of a portrayal we can conclude that there’s a problem.
  • Overall, the piece serves as a very inexact spotlight of Warwick plagued by ineffective efforts to generate excitement about the skin.