Haunted Maokai

Haunted Maokai

Maokai as a crude amalgamation of graveyard and tree.
Skin Score: 34125
Price: 975 RP
Category: Legacy
Champion: Maokai
Model: New model for Maokai and his saplings.
Particles: New particles for Arcane Smash, Twisted Advance and Vengeful Maelstorm.
Animations: New death and re-spawn animations.
Sounds: New sound for Arcane Smash.
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As an animated graveyard Maokai has an interesting look: the combination of tombstones, bones and earth creates an abomination that is difficult to describe but quite eye-catching nonetheless.

The refined model is backed by a complement of suitable gravestone particles.

Special mention deserves his traditional helpers, the saplings, for their fanciful model and fantastic animations.

The charismatic saplings are without doubt huge contributors to Haunted Maokai’s appeal.

Moreover, his collapsing death and unearthing re-spawn help bring forth his living cemetery theme.
Unfortunately, the visual upgrade has made his particles mostly a re-colour of the classic ones.

Before, they had a distinct and macabre style.

Now, they are just another fuzzy effect that struggles to adapt to Maokai’s gloomy style.

They are certainly the biggest disappointment of the skin.
All things considered, Haunted Maokai is a great skin due to an interesting concept, well chosen animations and a lot of sapling help.

If you can ignore its clear flaws then it’s a skin that you can definitely enjoy.

Haunted Maokai


  • Haunted Maokai is only available during the Harrowing and through Gifting Center choosing Mystery Gift option, like other Harrowing themed skins.
  • Haunted Maokai resembles part of a reanimated Graveyard.
  • Haunted Maokai and Zombie Brand are the first skins that have animation on respawn.


  • The background shows some dark trees with empty branches and a few tombstones at the bottom.
  • Yet for the most part there’s just a grey mist obscuring everything.
  • To the right, Maokai readies a sapling while fragments come off his body; it’s as if he had rose as part of the graveyard he’s in.
  • However, the tombstones on his back are barely visible, even less so easily noticeable.
  • In general, he appears made of earth, bark and some bones so the graveyard look isn’t effectively conveyed.
  • Still, the depiction isn’t bad: the bark looks good, the glowing eyes and maw illuminate Maokai’s face, the earth looks acceptable and the sapling seems like a little demonic tombstone.
  • Overall, it isn’t a bad piece but neither background nor foreground are very clear about what they depict.