Human Ryze

Human Ryze

Ryze with normal tattooed skin, wearing white and black trousers.
Skin Score: 4680
Price: Not Applicable
Category: Exclusive (Retail Collector’s Edition Pre-order)
Champion: Ryze
Model: New textures for Ryze.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Human Ryze biggest virtue is clearly showing Ryze’s multiple tattoos.

As a re-texture not much else is accomplished; just differently coloured clothes.

The aspect isn’t bad but after a while the tattoos are no longer interesting and so the skin becomes a simple re-colour.

Considering its status it’s not a bad collector’s item nor is it worth worrying about missing it.

Human Ryze


  • Human Ryze is one of the four Collector's Edition skins, the other champions with this distinction are Alistar, Kayle and Annie. It could only be obtained by pre-ordering the retail copy of the Collector's Edition.


  • As a simple re-colour of Ryze’s old splash art there isn’t much to appreciate here.
  • There practically is no background, only some magical energy oozing from Ryze to frame him.
  • His portrayal is simple and rather cartoon-like.
  • The shading isn’t bad, as some attention was paid to shadows and reflections, but the depiction shows obvious problems with proportions and perspectives.
  • For instance, his legs and arms look too thin and short while his body has muscles out of place and his head is too narrow.
  • Furthermore, Ryze’s skin colour doesn’t actually reflect the colour in-game.
  • In essence, a terrible splash art that is not only past its due but also doesn’t even serve as a faithful portrayal.