Hyena Warwick

Hyena Warwick

Warwick in the form of a spotted were-hyena.
Skin Score: 975
Price: 975 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Warwick
Model: New model for Warwick.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New animation for Hungering Strike, new running animation for Blood Scent and new laugh animation.
Sounds: New hyena-like laugh for Warwick.
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Hyena Warwick is great skin from concept to execution.

To start with, the model is finely crafted: the fur is detailed, the punk clothes are carefully designed and the armour is dented and well strapped.

Even the expression on Warwick’s face is a good match for his funny hyena attitude; this attitude is affirmed by his frequent bouts of hyena laughter.

Moreover, the new animations are a great bonus; especially the Blood Scent running animation.

To sum up, Hyena Warwick is a wonderful skin that provides a distinct, playful feel for Warwick.

If you like skins that offer a different impression of a champion, you will definitely like Hyena Warwick.

Hyena Warwick


  • The "Valoran Geographic" is a reference to the National Geographic magazine.
  • It has a special running animation and a different laugh.
  • In the Taiwanese client, Hyena Warwick skin is labelled "Lv11", referencing the bounty quest target Hogger from World of Warcraft, the very first elite mob that most alliance players would come across and have trouble with.
  • Hyena men are generally considered the African equivalent of the werewolf legend.


  • Hyena Warwick has quite an accomplished splash art with a detailed setting and, at times, photo-realistic quality.
  • The background serves as a solid frame: a dark savannah with a heavy sky and a few bushes.
  • The scarce vegetation almost makes it look like a wasteland which matches Warwick’s punk-like attire.
  • Additionally, the carcasses surrounding Warwick are a good demonstration of his hunger and prowess as a hunter.
  • The portrayal of Warwick is quite good: the fur is appropriately painted and different textures are visible on the various materials that compose his clothes.
  • Spots are not easily discernible on his fur though and the overall quality can be alright in certain parts, the legs and left arm, or amazing in others, the muzzle and right claws.
  • Consequently, this is a very good splash art that suffers from uneven quality.