Ice Toboggan Corki

Ice Toboggan Corki

Corki flying an ice toboggan.
Skin Score: 36400
Price: 1820 RP
Category: Legacy, Legendary
Champion: Corki
Model: New textures for Corki and new model for his copter.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Ice Toboggan Corki gives the helmet a new coat of paint and firmly plants him on a toboggan.

The result is hardly amusing as we end with a floating toboggan with some sort of machine gun attached to the front.

Not only is the skin quite a stretch but it also isn’t particularly witty or even attractive.

Add to this the high price and we end up with a product that has no answer to a simple question: why buy it? Ice Toboggan Corki isn’t just a victim of League of Legends evolution, it’s also an idea that seemed good in theory but isn’t in practice.

Ice Toboggan Corki


  • Ice Toboggan Corki is based on the sport Bobsleigh specifically the American gold medal won by a team of 4 at the 2010 Winter Olympics: Steve Holcom, Steve Mesler, Curtis Tomasevicz and Justin Olsen (in the splashart, flags are visible with the colors of the United States flag.).


  • A sky with some snow and flags is what the mess of white points and diffuse effects seem to aim for.
  • While the idea is realized, to an extent, it looks rather rough and disappointing.
  • Corki’s depiction isn’t much better as the shading and even lines looks awkward.
  • Moreover, the toboggan looks like a screenshot of the 3D model; due to how the curves are done.
  • Overall, an unprofessional splash art that should have no place in League of Legends.