Justicar Aatrox

Justicar Aatrox

Aatrox as an armoured celestial guardian.
Skin Score: 975
Price: 975 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Aatrox
Model: New model for Aatrox and his sword.
Particles: New light particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New light sounds for his abilities.
Related Skins: Mecha Aatrox,   Sea Hunter Aatrox


Justicar Aatrox is interesting in concept as it presents a being of war with another interpretation.

Instead of an evil force that draws humans towards conflict he becomes a celestial saviour at the vanguard of battles.

His aesthetic displays him under a more polished and less mundane light.

This allows for a fresh new look at Aatrox but also removes the intrinsic and appealing viciousness of his appearance and manners.

Regardless, the result accomplishes an appealing look that manages a feel akin to an angel of war.

The particles seal the deal and even if they aren’t impressive they work well to cohesively finish the theme; especially the halo present during Massacre.

Overall, Justicar Aatrox effectively reinterprets the Darkin Blade.

The result isn’t perfect but it’s certainly nicely done.

Justicar Aatrox


  • He shares this theme with Justicar Syndra.
  • Justicar Aatrox is meant to resemble Aatrox through the depictions of him by the people whom he saved.
  • When he recalls in Justicar Aatrox, he looks up and slowly ascends into the sky.


  • The piece centres all attention on Aatrox to the point of leaving the background as an afterthought that simply fills space.
  • One look at the background is clear enough: it’s barren, diffuse and hardly serves as more than a frame for Aatrox celestial presence.
  • Even if there are gusts and the peaks are covered with snow in places it all hardly says anything. Conversely, Aatrox displays all of his supernatural magnificence in a rather static but evident way.
  • His physique is clearly visible and the confluence of magical energy, pristine armour plus dented blade and torn wings is interesting.
  • It speaks of an elevated being that isn’t above putting his hands to work.
  • The way in which he is shaded, which isn’t unusual, actually reinforces this: his head bathed in celestial light and his feet dark with the taint of the world below. All in all, it’s a surprisingly good portrayal that does more than display a skin: it adds symbolism to it.
  • Regardless, that may be a matter of interpretation or accidental luck.
  • Because, when we add the background and vague lower body we find a polarized piece.