Marauder Warwick

Marauder Warwick

Warwick as an armoured bandit.
Skin Score: 750
Price: 750 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Warwick
Model: New model for Warwick.
Particles: New particles for Hungering Strike.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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It may seem overkill to cover a werewolf in armour but no one can argue about how dangerous that combination would be.

Marauder Warwick provides the Blood Hunter with multi-layered plates to keep his fur safe while prominent blades on his gauntlets make sure he slashes without survivors.

The armour looks effective, but the exposed paws, tail and, more importantly, neck makes one wonder about what ideas the blacksmith had in mind.

While the superimposed layers look believable the decoration strikes as exaggerated.

The helmet horns, like the left shoulder pad serve no practical purpose and also, like the unprotected areas, diminish the fantasy of an effective, armoured predator.

The spikes at the elbow side of the vambraces are passable but the huge blades can seem like overkill; though the idea is understandable it’s also impractical and unnecessary.
One thing that strikes as strange is the combination of gauntlet blades, head on a shoulder pad and scarf: it brings Rengar’s aesthetic to mind but realized in full metal; which isn’t Warwick’s style at all.
On the whole, Marauder Warwick is a weird skin with several questionable choices.

The idea seems to have been to let ideas flow free and make a stylized fantasy.

In spite of the exaggerations the result is attractive; as long as one throws practicality out of the window.

Therefore, this is an interesting option for fans of Warwick but it asks for an additional dose of suspension of disbelief.

Marauder Warwick


  • His appearance resembles the Owl, Magelord side of Summoner's Rift.
  • He shares this theme with Ashe, Olaf, and Alistar.


  • Somewhere, armoured bandits attack.
  • The intensely diffuse background makes identifying the setting almost impossible.
  • Is it the outskirts of a town or a desolate road? Much is suggested but nothing is stated. Ashe shoots a frosted arrow in the air which looks small and weak; even the blurriness doesn’t convey speed.
  • She also struggles to escape from said blur.
  • Her upper body is clearly shown with attractive shading; even if the bow isn’t fully displayed.
  • Her lower body, though, as well as her cape lack definition.
  • At least the dark helmet gives her an air of mystery. Warwick, despite standing in the foreground, shares the same problems: clear upper body but diffuse legs.
  • On top of that his right arm, and also tail, are blurred even though they aren’t so far back.
  • The fact that his fur is also diffuse doesn’t help matters.
  • Fortunately, his dented armour is detailed and catches the eye, despite his unassuming stance. All in all, this is an uneven piece with arbitrary use of depth of field.
  • The way the blur is used conveys neither distance nor speed and merely occludes parts at random.
  • The composition is good: bandits on the attack.
  • However, that idea is only suggested, like the background, and the potential story remains undeveloped.