PAX Sivir

PAX Sivir

Sivir enters the Grid dressed in Tron-style gear while her Boomerang becomes a giant digital pad.
Skin Score: 63700
Price: Not applicable
Category: Exclusive (PAX Prime 2011)
Champion: Sivir
Model: New model for Sivir and her Boomerang.
Particles: New boomerang particles for Boomerang Blade, Ricochet and her auto-attack. New red trail for Boomerang Blade.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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With a heavy dose of science fiction added, PAX Sivir is quite an eye-catching skin that, upon closer inspection, seems like it could’ve offered more.

The new suit evokes a futuristic setting well but her Boomerang, while technologically advanced, doesn’t look deadly at all and instead seems a plastic toy.

Additionally, as most of the details of the suit are made with textures, they look flat and deform a little too much as the model flexes and moves.

Add to this the restricted availability of the skin and we are left with a great concept with an acceptable execution that evades most people.

PAX Sivir is a good skin but if you don’t already own it it’s simply not worth spending huge amounts in its pursuit.

PAX Sivir


  • PAX Sivir is a reference to the Tron franchise in which disc warriors fought in gladiator-style battles.
  • She shares this theme with Jax and Twisted Fate.
  • Her Blade is a reference to a Directional Pad.


  • The splash art is very good with a rich background and a detailed look for Sivir.
  • The setting makes Sivir look fantastic, something that her model isn’t able to match that well.
  • Regardless, the visuals are fresh and the lighting effects and reflections on the borders of Sivir’s Boomerang close a very solid piece.