Sea Hunter Aatrox

Sea Hunter Aatrox

Aatrox as fantastic, inhuman pirate.
Skin Score: 750
Price: 750 RP
Category: Regular
Champion: Aatrox
Model: New model for Aatrox and his sword.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Related Skins: Justicar Aatrox,   Mecha Aatrox


While the aim is simple the result of Sea Hunter Aatrox is quite interesting.

The concept may be merely to turn the Darkin into a pirate but the fantastic interpretation of the concept, necessary due to his nature, makes the skin stand out from the usual buccaneer.

The gargoyle-like appearance stands out as Aatrox’s physiognomy could very well evoke the shapes of certain sea creatures.

That makes the lack of proper boots rather reasonable as his body may be as adept at moving underwater as over it; it’s a deviation from the splash art but a welcome one.
His clothing is also fitting for a seafaring adventurer as he would use what he finds.

The classic base is recognizable but always painted with a nautical shade.

That would include his most prized and necessary possession: an impressive sword.

The mix of fish spine and boarding sabre gives the blade a fantastic yet familiar look that is also very eloquent about its lethality.

There aren’t any other additions but as a re-model the skin is pleasing enough.
All things considered, Sea Hunter Aatrox is a satisfactory skin with an appealing fantastic style that uses a pirate theme with, perhaps, a touch of an underwater feel.

The general appearance is different from the norm and makes Aatrox stand out as a rare kind of sea adventurer.

For fans of the Darkin Blade this may not be an impressive skin but it certainly is an attractive new style.

Sea Hunter Aatrox


  • His appearance was inspired by Hammerhead sharks.
  • He resembles Maccus, a character from Pirates of the Caribbean which is one of the members from Davy Jones' crew.
  • He shares this theme with Garen, Malphite, and Quinn (Bilgewater Bounty Hunters).


  • Was it a storage room or the hull of a ship? Neither now as the plain, dark room has been replaced by a shipyard.
  • Such a dramatic change of scene leaves its mark on the piece.
  • The contrast of light is too drastic and the outdoor brightness gnaws at the champions on the foreground, unwanted like pollution.
  • Goods are still visible but the context isn’t clear.
  • Instead of decorated doors we have a draft of Malphite but most is empty yellowish sky.
  • The truth is that the setting remains too ambiguous to draw anything certain.
  • Not much can be discerned and for the most part it’s just too much light and filler.
  • The only other thing that matters is two pirates that calmly pose and one that isn’t enjoying the downtime before a diffuse ship-golem. Valor is almost hidden by Quinn who seems to prefer to stay away from any attention.
  • This means that they don’t give a good view of their uninspired aspect; especially as the colours are a bit diffuse.
  • Besides, their pose says nothing about them.
  • With confidence Garen stands in the middle of the scene with all his flamboyance.
  • For the heavy stylization of his appearance the bright colours and elaborate lighting place him as the pivotal figure of the piece.
  • Aatrox, in his fantastic guise, stands in opposition with his disgusted expression and tense demeanour.
  • The lighting is also darker though the colours are sharp and details are abundant.
  • From the cracks on his armour to the marks on his skin the depiction is very detailed but also confusing.
  • Instead of mixing with the present crowd he appears to defy them but only subtly: context is noticeably missing. On the whole, this is a splash art with an insipid background and straightforward portrayals.
  • Said portrayals are from elaborate to eye-catching and timid yet they don’t really capture the personality of each champion.
  • As a display of their look it works for the gentlemen but the lady seems unfairly relegated.