Triumphant Ryze

Triumphant Ryze

Ryze as a trophy in the form of a metal statuette.
Skin Score: 45500
Price: Not Applicable
Category: Exclusive (Win an official tournament)
Champion: Ryze
Model: Moderate model changes for Ryze.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Triumphant Ryze is an interesting look for Ryze: bronze and grey to resemble a metal statuette.

The aspect is well realized while still staying close to Ryze’s classic look; perhaps too close.

Regardless, as a trophy for tournament winners it isn’t a bad prize though it isn’t fantastic either.

Therefore, it’s a nice skin if received but not worth taking great pains to acquire.

Triumphant Ryze


  • He is only available to those who win official competition matches. Triumphant Ryze was previously known as "Champion" and "Trophy".


  • Staircase behind, Ryze stands on a podium as the light from his own magic makes his body shine.
  • The background isn’t noteworthy but gives a suitable setting with a building accessed by a rock flanked stair.
  • Conversely, Ryze portrayal is eye-catching and satisfactory.
  • The shading and, in particular, use of light in this piece are superb and help make an otherwise simple portrayal quite a spectacle.
  • It may be just a spotlight for Ryze’s look but it’s a good portrayal that does its job very well.