UFO Corki

UFO Corki

Corki flying on a stylized dish UFO.
Skin Score: 15600
Price: Not Applicable
Category: Promotional (given when signing before January 14th, 2010)
Champion: Corki
Model: New textures for Corki and new model for his copter.
Particles: New trail particles for the copter.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New alien engine sound.
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UFO Corki is a interesting skin that gives new colours and a new aircraft to the pilot.

Corki doesn’t look much different as his clothes just get new colours but keep the same style.

The UFO, for lack of a better denomination, is stylized past the point of comicality and well beyond into the absurd.

Such an extreme design has its merits but pushes the meaning of the name well into the metaphorical.

At least, the new particles are a fine addition that adds some visual flare to this peculiar skin.

In conclusion, UFO Corki is a nice skin but it can hardly be called impressive or extraterrestrial.

UFO Corki


  • UFO Corki was awarded to all players who signed up before January 14, 2010. Players who signed up before the date received Corki and UFO Corki for free. Quoted as being "technically the first Legendary Skin completed" when it was announced alongside Ice Toboggan Corki.


  • The background may pretend to have an astral feel but it’s actually just a patch of black with a some air-brushed colour.
  • It could pass for the copter’s fire trail but a portrayal shouldn’t require much imagination to interpret.
  • Corki looks alright and the UFO copter as well; though much greener than they do in-game.
  • Yet, the copter is just a screenshot of its 3D model as its curves are made of straight lines.
  • In the end, it’s a piece that barely does its job as it conveys the general look but not very faithfully.