Underworld Wukong

Underworld Wukong

Wukong as a supernatural warrior.
Skin Score: 47250
Price: 1350 RP
Category: Legacy
Champion: Wukong
Model: New model for Wukong and his staff plus new glow for the ends of the staff.
Particles: New particles for his abilities.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities and recall plus processed voice-over.
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Adding a supernatural vein to the Monkey King’s already fantastic concept can seem overkill.

To an extent it is but aside from looking a bit too exotic Underworld Wukong avoids becoming a pastiche of themes.

Nonetheless, while the aspect is certainly different Wukong looks more like a deranged old warrior than an actual apparition.

A translucent right arm would’ve helped cement the concept as the lamp-like staff isn’t enough.
If it weren’t for the staff’s new glow his aspect wouldn’t really seem supernatural.

That’s where the new particles come into play.

There are some really great touches but not all abilities shine as they should.

To start with, the ghostly trail added to Crushing Blow and his recall is simply fantastic; even if the actual blow doesn’t impress.

Whereas, Decoy and Nimbus Strike seem to just have the necessary, uninspired changes and suffer from all too solid vapours.

Cyclone is a case of its own as it looks rather unimpressive for an ultimate.

Instead of adding the eye-catching trail used for Crushing Blow and his recall the ability merely has the same old motion blur.

There are new sounds to accompany the abilities but they fail to stand out and add an eerie feel to the skin; unlike the voice-over.
Therefore, Underworld Wukong is a skin that doesn’t represent its concept well.

Even though there are some good additions the sum of its parts doesn’t justify the high price.

In fact, cheaper skins manage to look and have abilities that feel more iconic.

In conclusion, aside from the processed voice-over nothing explains the skin’s price; it would more reasonably fit 975 RP than it does 1350 RP.

Unless you really like the style and are aware of the noticeable shortcomings of the skin there are better options for less.

Underworld Wukong


  • Underworld Wukong was released for the 2014 Harrowing.
  • He resembles a typical Shadow Isles champion in his appearance. Underworld Wukong's concept used to be called "Shadow Isles Wukong". As such, Underworld Wukong is meant to show how it would be if Wukong was a Shadow Isles champion, just like Void Fizz is meant to show how it would be if he was a Void champion.
  • He shares this theme with Twisted Fate.


  • A cloudy night sky above a rocky region: the setting is as empty and pedestrian as it could be.
  • Wukong doesn’t fare much better either.
  • That’s because his depiction is a simple pose that doesn’t go beyond showing his aspect.
  • At least, it’s effective in that regard.
  • The elements are well defined and the colours bright so that materials look convincing; as long as they aren’t engulfed in the background’s blur.
  • The translucent right arm is a good touch but, eerie glows aside, there’s nothing else like it.
  • Ultimately, it’s a splash art that does its job but doesn’t go beyond that.