Urf the Manatee

Urf the Manatee

Warwick dressed with Urf’s skin.
Skin Score: 113750
Price: 5000 RP
Category: Limited
Champion: Warwick
Model: Major model changes for Warwick.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Urf the Manatee is a skin that may look disgusting to some and hilarious to others; depending on personal taste.

As far as its execution goes it’s a noticeable change of look that makes Warwick larger yet isn’t particularly striking.

As a concept it’s sensible enough for an evil werewolf but heavily reliant on Urf as a joke.

In consequence, Urf the Manatee is a skin dedicated to those that embraced the April Fool’s entry of Urf as a champion; because it brings nothing else.

Urf the Manatee


  • To start with, the beach on the background is suitable but simply depicted.
  • Additions like a sand Summoner’s Rift tower, a probably clawed beach ball and water pools marking Warwick’s path help give the setting more relevance.
  • Warwick, including what’s left of Urf, is quite well portrayed with good use of colours and shadows.
  • The water dripping from Warwick’s body is a good touch but there isn’t any kind of reflection on Urf’s wet skin.
  • At least the fur, more or less, appears to be wet.
  • Overall, this splash art is good; it has it’s issues but it provides more than a simple look at Warwick’s style.