Victorious Elise

Victorious Elise

Elise wearing a suit of ornamented armour
Skin Score: 63700
Price: Not Applicabble
Category: Promotional (awarded to Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger ranked players after Season 3)
Champion: Elise
Model: New model for Elise, her spider form and spiderlings.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation in each form.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Related Skins: Death Blossom Elise,   Blood Moon Elise


Victorious Elise is an interesting take on the Spider Queen that furthers her royal side and ignores her seductiveness.
Human: the armour has a stylized design that offers good protection but seems overloaded with decorations.

Not only does it seem impractical but also a bit whimsical.

Regardless, the aspect is elaborate and appealing even if not very innovative.

As a skin that provides plausible protection and sensible clothing, Victorious Elise delivers.
Spider: armour again takes a front seat following the style presented in her human form but adding even more embellishment.

In particular, the gem that passes for her abdomen has a fitting faceted shape but seems like a stretch.

The rest of the armour follows the style but is hardly impressive.

What remains unprotected doesn’t offer anything of interest.
On the whole, Victorious Elise is a skin that fulfils the idea of a regally armoured monarch ready for battle.

It’s certainly the option for a less enticing yet still eye-catching Elise.

Unfortunately, for many it would be out of reach as its availability is heavily restricted; thus making half of her skins virtually inaccessible.

In the end, you may consider it a reward for competitive players or a punishment for casual ones but it certainly feels like a disservice for Elise fans.

Victorious Elise


  • Victorious Elise was rewarded to players who achieved Gold in Season 3 (Season 2013).
  • She shares this theme with Janna, Jarvan IV, Morgana, and Sivir.


  • The severely foggy background has more than a good dose of empty sky.
  • Still, there’s more to it than that as an ominous castle pays witness to an impressive display of spiderlings and victims.
  • Amidst the viciousness and webs Elise enjoys her trophies.
  • Her depiction has a style based on elongated proportions that conveys a sense of agility; maybe inhuman, which is rather fitting.
  • The armour doesn’t shine as much as it could, despite reflections, but looks attractive even if a bit plain.
  • All in all, it’s a nice piece which glimpses at Elise’s nocturnal activities and that is elevated due to her unique charm.