Victorious Jarvan IV

Victorious Jarvan IV

Jarvan dressed with a richly decorated royal armour.
Skin Score: 63700
Price: Not applicable
Category: Promotional (awarded to Gold and Platinum ranked players of Season 1)
Champion: Jarvan IV
Model: New model for Jarvan IV and new textures for his lance.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
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Let’s go straight to the point: Victorious Jarvan IV is a bad looking skin.

The idea on display is that of a majestic monarch attaining victory but one look at the tiara and hairstyle tell the true story: this skin is a mess.

The armour is a mix of royal clothing and armour which ends up looking unconvincing as a protective and elegant suit.

Furthermore, the elaborate decoration isn’t attractive, it’s just complex and the overall look is quite flat in terms of appeal.

Not much can be said about the lance as it mostly looks like his classic one.

In conclusion, Victorious Jarvan IV is a skin that is questionable as a present and a far cry from anything desirable.

Victorious Jarvan IV


  • Victorious Jarvan IV was rewarded to players who achieved Gold in Season 1 (Season 2011).
  • He shares this theme with Janna, Morgana, Sivir, and Elise.


  • Atop a mound Jarvan IV stands victorious surrounded by his troops as a Demacian standard waves in the air.
  • The situation has a lot of potential but not all of it is actually realized.
  • The background shines through its lack of detail: just the bare minimum to show a few soldiers and spears and an inexplicably darkening sky.
  • Jarvan’s armour shows its complexity but while the upper half is well depicted the bottom half is fuzzy and subdued; made more evident by the nice lighting displayed on the upper part of the armour and lance.
  • Victorious Jarvan IV is a piece with radically uneven quality that can inspire and dissatisfy at the same time.