Victorious Sivir

Victorious Sivir

Sivir emblazoned in gold and laurels.
Skin Score: 63700
Price: Not Applicabble
Category: Promotional (awarded to Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger ranked players after Season 5)
Champion: Sivir
Model: New model for Sivir and her boomerang.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her recall.
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At first sight Victorious Sivir can look like another armoured version of the Battle Mistress but it’s actually a heavily decorated, royally even, take on Sivir.

There’s some protection but the basis of the design is the blue clothes ornamented with golden laurels.

The rich aesthetic is clear once one takes a good, close look at Sivir.

The focus borders on making even her boomerang a piece of jewellery so the skin stands apart from others.

That doesn’t mean that such a reliance on form doesn’t affect function as the heavy adornment can feel exaggerated.

Surely, she looks distinguished and embellished but probably too much considering Sivir’s otherwise sober and practical choices.

That’s mostly noticeable in the exaggerated boomerang which appears cumbersome and too florid.

It makes a strong statement about the identity of the skin but can clash with Sivir’s personality.
The particles are noticeable thanks to their gold and blue colour scheme but don’t deviate from the patterns established by the classic incarnation.

It could be said that they mostly adapt the visuals to the new looks so that everything stays consistent.

There’s the odd extra swirl of blue or gold but, at large, it’s the same effects but with other colours.

It’s all good, ultimately, but hardly striking.

The recall is largely a showcase for her iconic boomerang.

It doesn’t really say much about victory even.

Yet, it doesn’t waste the work devoted to the boomerang and makes the most of it by putting it on the spotlight.
All things considered, Victorious Sivir is a good skin and a nice present for those skilled or fortunate enough to acquire it.

If you are amongst the rest then there’s no reason to worry.

The skin has a unique style but centred on adorning Sivir with gold and laurels with doesn’t fit her that well.

In the end, it’s good but if you missed it then Warden could be a more reasonable option.

Victorious Sivir


  • Victorious Sivir was rewarded to players who achieved Gold in Season 5 (Season 2015).
  • She shares this theme with Janna, Jarvan IV, Morgana, and Elise.


  • Shurima, restored to its glory, becomes once again the admiration of all as it celebrates its victorious child.
  • The sunlight is blinding and the background very diffuse but the idea of a city welcoming a triumphant Sivir is a good setup.
  • The obfuscated detail can feel oppressive and the background appears empty in places, like the sky, but the context is appreciated. Sivir shines bathed in sunlight and shadows; which indicate a low Sun.
  • The use of lighting is attractive and the detailed armour and clothes are quite appealing.
  • The problem is that her face and hair are too cartoony in comparison and seem too youthful for the maturity she classically displays.
  • The boomerang is rather clear in its exaggerated design but may be too big.
  • Even though it’s not a small weapon this version seems too large and unwieldy even as a ceremonial item.
  • That said, the portrayal is clear and while it’s mostly a pose for the cameras, magical ones we would guess, it presents a fine spotlight of Sivir’s look. In the end, this splash art is somewhat uneven.
  • The detailed portrayal is contrasted by cartoony elements while the background suffers from an unnecessarily heavy fog.
  • The context is good and so is the depiction thus, while imperfect, this is quite a good piece.