Zombie Brand

Zombie Brand

Brand as a brain-eating zombie set on fire.
Skin Score: 63700
Price: 1820 RP
Category: Legendary, Legacy
Champion: Brand
Model: New model for Brand and green flames.
Particles: New green particles for his auto-attack, abilities, taunt, joke, dance and footprint trail when walking.
Animations: New animations for his auto-attack, abilities, standing idle, walk, emotes, death, re-spawn, recall and capture.
Sounds: New voice over for Brand and new sounds for his auto-attack, abilities, death and re-spawn.
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Zombie Brand really does turn Brand into an undead corpse: the skin provides a complete set of new animations as well as a new voice over and new particles to back his aspect.

The decrepit look is accomplished despite the fact that a suit is rather ill suited for a battlefield; an undead mage or warrior could’ve fit better.

The animations are excellent and truly deliver the strain on his body due to the failure of multiple muscles and sinews.

In addition to this, the new voice over complements the previous elements with a rough voice and slurred speech for suitable zombie quotes.
Unfortunately, the green flames and imperceptible sounds are a bit disappointing.

They do look good and appear a bit more capricious than his usual ones.

Nonetheless, while a flaming zombie isn’t a bad idea it seems like the particles chose to stick to Classic Brand’s formula too closely while the other elements went an extra step to deliver the zombie theme.

This is even more pronounced and noticeable after the particle update.

Currently, Classic and Zombie Brand’s abilities look almost identical.

Gone are the wavy flames and gaseous effects and all we have now is a re-colour of the classic visuals; the auto-attack stain is missing too.

At a legendary level, this is completely unacceptable.
Therefore, the skin feels and acts like a zombie but a zombie with fire powers; his pyromancer nature remains intact.

To sum up, it’s a great skin that truly delivers the feel of a zombie but doesn’t push hard enough to effectively round the theme.

Zombie Brand


  • His appearance is based off the normal zombie from the Plants vs. Zombies video game. His suit is also the same as the regular zombie from Plants vs. Zombies.
  • It changes his particles to a greener hue and changes his animations and voice to that of a more traditional zombie.
  • His dance is from Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
  • Aside from Pulsefire Ezreal, Zombie Brand and Haunted Maokai are the first skins that have respawn animation when their champion did not have one.
  • He shares this theme with Nunu and Ryze.


  • In a dimly lit crypt a man in flames screams.
  • Closer inspection of the subject reveals his tattered clothes and torn flesh.
  • His dead body being animated by an unholy energy that erupts from his hands and head.
  • The premise is attractive but the setting a little too blurry.
  • Still, Brand’s portrayal is quite good, the perspective adds to his death-defying aspect to make him look menacing and even powerful.
  • Besides, the clothes are very well delineated to show the abuse of his undead existence.
  • Overall, it’s a nice splash art but leaves the nagging thought that it could’ve been spectacular with a little more refinement.